Lifestyle Reel
Whether meeting with good friends at a local bar, pedaling a bicycle faster than most cars can move through the streets of NYC, or capturing the energy of 8-year olds in the classroom, it's always the people in the story who grab our attention. People on screen draw us in to their lives, often leaving us wishing to learn more.
Corporate Reel
Businesses are often played for laughs as a monotonous world of boring, endless routines. In the real world, successful enterprises are much more complicated, nuanced, and dynamic. Business is commitment, hard work and the skillful interaction of people bringing the intangible nature of company values to life.
Industrial Reel
What does it take to combine molten metal for making stainless steel, etch the microscopic pattern of a semiconductor in a dust free lab, or precisely weld the structural components of heavy equipment. Look behind the scenes into the world of how things are actually manufactured.
Healthcare Reel
Health and wellness are essential to living a full and rewarding life. The impact of the care, commitment and focus by so many individuals on the front lines of healthcare, as well as in the research labs, administration, and supply chain, directly affects everyone. These are the people looking out for us every day.